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Elco Vectron VL2.210 D Light Oil Burner - Two Stage 100-210kW - 3833348 KN

by Elco
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Elco Vectron VL2.210 D KN Burner Specification

Output (Nominal):

Min: 100 kW

Max: 210 kW

Fuel Type: Light Oil

Blast Tube Length: 30-150mm

Blast Tube Diameter: 115mm

Available Models

The Elco Vectron VL2.210 D burner has two available models:

Elco Vectron Burner Series Overview

Elco Vectron burners are avalible as single or two-stage, monoblock-type oil and dual fuel burners. It is suitable for use, within its range of performance from 11kW to 2300kW. Elco Vectron oil burners all have a cubic shape that allows easy access, simplifying installation and maintnence activities. Low NOx emmissions versions are also avalible.

Key Features

- The Elco Vectron burners come with MDE2 System and display giving real-time information during the commissioning, the operation and at each operation cycle

- Quiet ventilation and reduced electrical usage

- The Elco Vectron oil burners are in compliance with EN676 and EN267 European standards and with the following directives: 2016/426/EU Gas Appliances Directive, 2014/30/EU EMC Directive, 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive, 2006/42/EC Efficiency Directive, 2011/65/EU RoHS2 Directive

Elco Vectron VL2.210 D KN Manual

Click on the icon to view the manual for this burner:

Elco Vectron VL2.210 D KN Burner Firing Rates
Elco Vectron VL2.210 D KN Specs

Elco Vectron VL2.210 D KN Dimensions
Elco Vectron VL2.210 D KN Dimensions
A 331mm
B 326mm
C KN: 398-518mm
D 256mm
E 69mm
F min. 15mm
G 115mm
H KN: 30-150mm
I 185mm
J 1200mm
a 120-135mm
b 150-184mm
c M8
d 45