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Dreizler MAGMAblue® Burners

Dreizler MAGMAblue® Burner Range Overview

The ULTRALOW-NOx technology surface combustion of gas to generate heat & steam to operate boilers was successfully applied by dreizler® according to the Gas and Pressure Equipment Directive for decades.

The new technology MAGMAblue® enables an important improvement of the flame geometry and emission class by the complete premix of natural gas and air on the suction side of the fan (Applied for patent).

MAGMAblue® burners combine characteristics of excellent LOW-NOx emissions and optimal air ratios Lambda with minimal noise emissions and very low requirements to the necessary combustors. Smaller combustion chambers are possible for industrial users and boiler manufacturers.

Dreizler Magmablue Burners
Available Models

The Dreizler MAGMAblue® Burner Range includes three variatons:

Cylindric burner up to Ø 315 x 500 mm

MAGMAblue® M…Z…

Range of capacity: 72 kW - 1160 kW

Flat burner up to Ø 400 mm

MAGMAblue® M…F…

Range of capacity: 3 kW - 1250 kW

Strip burner up to L = 5000 mm

MAGMAblue® M…L…

Range of capacity: 2 kW - 325 kW

Dreizler MAGMAblue® Burner Features

-Premix gas/air mixing in the suction part of the fan

-Adjustment range up to 1:10

-Easy burner adjustment

-Efficient EC motor with speed control

-Low noise operation behaviour

-LOW NOx: less than 15 mg/kWh NOx emission

-Fuel gas types: natural gas, liquid gas

-Tested according to EN 676 forced draught burners for gaseous fuels and EN 746-2 Thermal process systems

-Surface performance up to 16 MW/m2

Dreizler Burner Quote

Are you looking for a new install or a replacement burner for your boiler? We can help to spec the correct burner to your requirements. We use Dreizler trained engineers who are capable of delivering the high level of quality required for these burners. Email us your initial requirements and we can organise a quote to suit the required parameters.